Shifts within the lens we have that creates our own reality.

are we worse off,

These headlines worry me: "Millennials Falling Behind Their Parents" (The Atlantic 1/2015) and "They [this generation] may be the first cohort to end up worse off than their parents" (Washington Post 3/2014). If we measured what mattered I believe they are not worse off. I know for a fact I am happier, more aware and conscious than my parents. Don't get me wrong - I love them. They are great people. We just have so much more information than they did in areas of health, well being, emotional intelligence and the list goes on (women's rights, access for people with disabilities, decrease of physical punishment and verbal abuse from parents, global awareness, transparency in gov't/corp/etc., access to diverse media outlets, ability to participate in media). Let's start measuring what matters -- then compare -- if we still feel we must.