At iStartup  we assist in creating places and programs to inspire and revitalize the human spirit for the greatest impact possible.  The environments where we work, learn and live have such terrific potential for engagement, inspiration and innovation when given the right set of ingredients.  We assist the leaders of these environments in identifying the ingredients needed for their specific environment so the people within have the ability to create the greatest value and impact possible.

The people we serve includes corporations, non profits, educational institutions and government entities near our home base, Boston, USA, across the country and around the world (Australia, UK, France and Turkey).


 June 18th and 19th, 2015 in Boston
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JOIN US!  We are proud to support a gathering of professionals dedicated to revitalizing the human spirit within teams.  At iStartup we seek out the right ingredients needed to make the world a better place.  Team Coaching is one of these ingredients.  To learn about Team Coaching and its effectiveness within organizations such as Oxfam America, Partners In Health and The MITRE Corporation, register here.  With this event, we are supporting the inspired methods and tools within the discipline of Team Coaching so people who work in teams can collaborate more effectively, more consciously and more humanely.