iStartup is proud to be supporting a growing discipline dedicated to a whole new level of team work and collaboration -- one that is more effective, productive and joyful.  This discipline is called Team Coaching.  

Team Coaching Workshop Intensive  |  November 30 - December 2, 2015  |  Boston, MA
iStartup is supporting a three-day intensive workshop for Team Coaching Practitioners.  

~ Quotes from Past Participants ~
"A sincere thank you for last week’s excellent learning experience.  Throughout this week I have
reflected back on the experience and want to let you know that I believe you’ve created something 
powerful.  In the don’t know what you don’t know mode, I gained a much deeper understanding about 
how teams work, which has already helped me this week with some of my individual clients. 

Your generosity of spirit shined through and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing 
yourselves, your knowledge, and your experiences with us.
Thank you and all the very best to you both.  I hope our paths cross many more times"

"Absolutely wonderful.  It was a bright, open atmosphere in a beautiful setting."

"Thank you so much for a great three days!
The learning you provided was very rich and the practice was invaluable!"

"It was content rich, and tremendously helpful.  
I am grateful for the toolkit -- I never imagined an entire CD of them! Thank you!!"

"Thank you again. I have been with a number of teams over the last month and WOW!
It works….like we knew it would!"

For more information please email Janice.Caillet[at]istartup[dot]cc -- (only two cc's at the end).

Team Coaching Toolbox Gathering  |  June 18 & 19, 2015  |  Boston, MA
iStartup supported a gathering of Team Coaching thought leaders and practitioners. We gathered together for a thought provoking, inspiring and meaningful experience.   At the event we shared methods, tools and case studies -- learning from those who are actively engaged in the practice of Team Coaching. 

We were honored to have executives from three highly regarded organizations actively engaged in Team Coaching: Oxfam AmericaPartners In Health and The MITRE Corporation.  These executives shared their experiences with Team Coaching as leaders and members of their senior executive teams.  Attendees received  International Coach Federation (ICF) CCEU credits for credentialing application or renewal.